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George Acosta

All great music reaches into your very soul, captures the mind and touches the heart. It can tell a story, take you on an incredible journey and target many different types of emotions. Music such as this can only come from the hard work of a great artist, an artist such as the George Acosta. With over 20+ years of experiences as a DJ and Producer, George can certainly be considered a driving force in the dance music industry. He is one of the few original EDM artists that has managed to keep up with the evolution of dance music, reinventing himself and coming on stronger each and every time.

Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, George Acosta showed an interest in music at a very young age while watching his father play records at home and at parties. Music was definitely a staple in the Acosta household. George began his career as a local DJ in his native Miami, spinning anywhere from high school parties, to clubs on South Beach. He would spin any type of dance music, from techno to house. In the early 90’s, as his popularity on South Beach grew, and house DJ’s such as Erik Morillo and Roger Sanchez were becoming rising stars, George began gaining an interest in producing dance music. “Honestly, it was when I first heard Josh Wink that I made my decision to produce my own music,” says Acosta. A trip to Germany is where George’s creativity flourished and Planet Soul was born. Signed under Strictly Rhythm, Planet Soul gained its stardom for the well-know hit, Set You Free, earning Acosta the Gold Record status. Gaining international status with the success of Planet Soul didn’t stop George from forging ahead. Once again, he returned to his roots and began DJing as the well-known George Acosta, transitioning from house to trance music. He then began his residency at the very famous Shadow Lounge on South Beach, solidifying trance not only in Miami but also in the U.S. Week after week, George mastered his craft as a trance DJ. Many of his fans say that George Acosta has an innate ability to read the crowd and know what they wanted to hear. He was also notorious for having the ability to take his audience on a wonderful, emotional roller coaster ride during their visit to the club. While at Shadow, George continued producing some of his own original work. Some of these songs were: Emotions, Taking Over Space, and The Reaper. He also released several compilations under the Ultra Records Label which included: Awake and AM & PM, just to name a few. Between touring around the world at popular events, such as Berlin’s Love Parade, Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and world renowned clubs such as, Space Miami, Exit, Privilege and Pacha, he continued releasing more hit compilations such as, Trance Nation America on Ministry Of Sound and The History of Trance. This is what made George Acosta a legacy in dance music.
The beginning of the new millennium proved to be a time of change for George. Dance music was slowly making a shift in a new direction. It was now being mainstreamed more often and as new artists and producers began to emerge, dance music was being created to fit a more commercial sound, attracting a new generation of listeners, leaving the popularity of the underground trance scene in the past. Therefore, in 2001, after three years of much success, Shadow Lounge closed its doors giving Acosta the chance to expand his horizons, take on new challenges and projects and make his transition from trance artist to the now phenomenal dj, producer and remixer he is known for today. Acosta wanted to produce and play music that would have a well balanced, universal sound that all music lovers could enjoy while still keeping his renowned signature style. He was able to find that in the fast rising, popular genre of music known as progressive house. George Acosta says, “I guess what makes me special is that I never stay behind the times. I’m constantly evolving, trying to better myself and challenge myself.” With that being said, George began a new venture, syndicating his own radio show titled The Lost World on the very popular Miami FM radio station, Party 93.1. After gaining much popularity and success, thanks to the show’s loyal listeners, the Lost World Show moved to its new and current home on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s Electric Area. The show’s concept is to showcase not only other artist’s music, but to also showcase Acosta’s original productions. Throughout the show, Acosta’s host, Double H, identifies each song with its title and artist, as well as, announces all George Acosta news and tour dates. The radio show provided another source for George to reach out to his old fans and gain some new ones. In between mixing shows for The Lost World, Acosta continued to tour around the world spinning at popular clubs and hotspots.

It was during this time that Acosta was made an Ambassador for the HIV and AID’s charity organization, Dance 4 life. It was truly an honor for him to represent this organization along with other great djs and producers such as Tiesto. Acosta’s list of accomplishments didn’t end there. In 2007, George Acosta won DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ. This award was very meaningful because it was awarded to him through the votes of his fans. That same year, George Acosta enrolled in the SAE Institute to further expand his self-taught knowledge in the area of music production. To this day, George believes this decision helped to sharpen his skills and enhance his career as a producer. His perseverance and hard work prevailed and in 2009, he earned a degree in Sound Engineering and Audio Technology. This made George Acosta an even greater unstoppable force in his line of work.
While attending SAE, George was signed to Black Hole Recordings and released his first digital download compilation titled, From Miami to Amsterdam. During this time, he was also introduced to the very talented vocalist Fisher. With her, George produced songs that include: True Love, Beautiful, and Tearing Me Apart. Due to overwhelming response, Acosta, along with studio partner Gerry Cueto, then decided to produce his latest and also his second artist album, Visions Behind Expressions, under Black Hole Recordings. According to Acosta, “Visions Behind Expressions is more of a vocal story. For those who know me on a personal level, I am a man of few words; through the music, I am able to express all my thoughts and emotions. It is my drive and passion for music that has given me my latest album.”

In 2009, searching to expand his career in the music industry even further, George, along with his long time manager Francisco Pacheco, decided to create the label AcoMusic. The decision to create his own label transpired from the desire to brand his personal, unique signature sound and style. In an effort to evolve into something greater, Acosta wanted to use his label not only to release his own original music, but also to be able to remix songs from other artists. In addition, George wanted the freedom to develop new artists from around the globe that have the ability to produce and complement his quality signature music. Some AcoMusic releases by Acosta have been, I Know, featuring Tiff Lacy, and Nite Time, featuring Kate Walsh. Along with the success of his new album and record label, George is currently the Resident DJ at Las Vegas’ Encore Beach and Surrender Night Club inside the Wynn Hotel. He is also the Resident DJ at Club Glow in Washington, DC and has joined the Day Glow Tour. In addition George has just become the newest resident DJ for the RX Pool Parties at the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami Beach. There seems to be no end in sight for George Acosta or his record label.

Passion combined with skill is what fuels George Acosta. In an interview George once said, “I have been fortunate to have much success in my career, and my challenges have only made me stronger. Personally, as an artist, there is always room for growth. I love to learn and I never plan on loosing the drive to master my craft. I feel like I am destined for more and even greater things. The best is yet to come.” It is this dedication, in addition to his love for music and his willingness to evolve that will continue to augment George Acosta’s career and success.

Mario Ochoa

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Mario's career started in 1999 when he was 18 years old. It wasn't until 2003 when Mario released his first hit "Habla con la Luna" on Disc Doctor Records which became a huge success on Spain, France, Mexico and South America, being included on more than 70 compilations all over the world. That same year, Mario gets even more exposure when he got signed with to Poolemusic. Since then, Mario has signed tracks with many other labels such as Ultra, Universal, 100% Pure, Toolroom Records, 1605 Music Therapy, Great Stuff, Kittball, Juicy Music, Nervous Records, Fine Tune, Pacha Records, Ministry of Sound, Subliminal Records, to name a few.

In 2006 Mario launched his own record label "Avenue Recordings", which has released many hits in the past years including several of Mario's own productions and as well trying to help new talents be heard. In 2008 his track "Much Better" became a massive hit all over the world, played by hundreds of radio stations and supported by the biggest names on the scene.

Singles like "The Indian Express", "BS", "Mr Boom", "Tu va ver", "Lockdown", "Big Spender", "La Cosa Nostra", "La Noche", "The Chant", "Wizard" "Give some Love" (#7 at Billboard's dance chart) all hit the charts on the major digital stores around the world. In 2010 Mario started his own Radio/Podcast show, called "Infected Beats" which airs every two weeks. The show lasts 2 hours and includes special guest mixes on every episode.

Patrick Morgan & Sejva

Sejva’s sound is best described as 70’s funk meets four to the floor, mixed with hip-hop and R&B inspiration from his ATL roots. This 26-year-old DJ / producer / synthesizer enthusiast's sound is grounded in the idea of gettin’ down. With his debut EP coming out on a well-known (soon to be disclosed) indie record label later this year, he is ready to funk up the dance floor and reinvent the good ole fashion dance party.

PM and Sejva, two home grown producers and DJ's based out of Atlanta. The two have had a pretty substantial run in their solo careers and have long talked about doing a couple "AM/PM" sets going B2B. The pairing is a dynamic one from PM's darker and more minimal oriented style to Sejva's more melodic and storytelling feel. It's going to be quite the convergence with these two going back to back for the first time.


Boasting a name that pays homage to his father, Tocayo is southern gentleman from Atlanta with a profound Colombian heritage. Growing up he was afforded the gift of music in many different facets that would eventually mold his own taste including -

traditional Colombian music, Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, and as of late: World Folk Music. Tocayo draws vast inspiration from Beatles favorite: Indian Music hero - Ravi Shankar. The roots don’t die there however, Tocayo immersed himself in the creation of

his own music from a young age playing trumpet, piano, guitar, and even singing in a band. It has proven to be this diverse library of creativity and music that have sculpted his distinct sound and flavor which can be described as the bastard child of a wild threesome

comprised of house, techno, and his extensive musical knowledge. Expect to be fully dialed into a wave of emotion whilst traveling with this artist who has graced the decks across the U.S. and Mexico playing well known venues and festivals such as; Space-

Miami, The Electric Pickle - Miami, Treehouse - Miami, Whiskey Disco - Detroit, Tomorrow World - Atlanta, TBA - Brooklyn, NYC, Liqour Store - Portland, Org, Sandwich Bar - Orlando, FL., S.O.S and Be Playa- Playa Del Carmen and many more. Tocayo’s passion for hosting truly inspired, underground, organic events that focus strictly on art, vibe and music have led him to launch his own label and artist collective - Qoverq (Q/Q). Qoverq has seen much success since its’ birth in 2010 in Miami and Atlanta, and continues to grow with the love and support of many featured artists such as Francesca Lombardo, Jonny Cruz, Til Von Sein, and NITIN to name a few. Expect to see Tocayo and Q/Q bring their notable fervor and style across the globe and into your hearts as the beat goes on.


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Instagram/Twitter: Tocayodj


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Ralph and Louie

At the forefront of the East Coast House music movement Ralph & Louie continue to push the envelope in the development of this culture. Holding down residencies at the hottest clubs in the south and continuously releasing quality tracks. This dynamic duo is predominantly known as the heavy hitters for house music in the south. Slated to take stage at TOMORROW WORLD 2015 in Atlanta GA.

  Recently receiving the coveted "Best Of" awards from the well know publication, "Creative Loafing" for Atlanta's Best EDM Act 2013/2014, Best Producers 2014 and Best Live Act 2014. Because of this Ralph & Louie are slated for worldwide touring. Their music is heavily influenced by the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Alok, Chus & Ceballos, DJ Pierre and many other forward thinking artists of this caliber. Be on the lookout for releases on several large labels in the upcoming months, tour dates and up to date news by visiting


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Instagram/Twitter: @RalphAndLouie

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A reliquary is a container for holy relics- and nothing could be more sacred to this Atlanta-based producer and DJ than the driving rhythms that dance music epitomizes. Reliquary’s sets reveal a near spiritual fascination with sound, spinning electric landscapes that seem to effortlessly swell and bloom.  With Progressive Trance as his background, this up-and-coming artist commands a rare mastery of the audible realm, while maintaining the high musical standards that his listeners deserve.

   Reliquary stepped onto the international stage in 2014 as the winner of TranceAddict TomorrowWorld DJ Contest- but as a mainstay of the Atlanta Trance scene, he performs regularly at some of the city’s most exclusive clubs, including Opera, Havana Club, and CosmoLava. He is a resident DJ with the Fit Radio App, as well as a co-founder and resident DJ of Unity, a promotion team committed to bringing top local and headlining Trance artists to Atlanta. Expect to see this rising talent perform in major cities across the U.S. in 2017.


Promo mixes:

Atlantis Stage Imagine Music Festival 2016 Live Set:


2014 TranceAddict TomorrowWorld DJ Contest Winning Mix:


Highlighted Performances:

  • Native Social Bar Orlando -Opening set for Christopher Lawrence & Darren Porter -Nov. ‘16

  • Imagine Music Festival -Atlantis Stage -Aug ‘16

  • The Vault Orlando -Opening set for Max Graham -Feb. ‘16

  • Wildpitch Music Hall -Headline act for Nulight by Unity Atlanta -Jan. ‘[16

  • CosmoLava Nightclub -Opening set for Will Atkinson -Jan ‘16

  • TomorrowWorld 2014 -Trance Addict stage -Sept. ‘14

  • Opera Nightclub -Opening set for Paris Blohm & Tritonal -April ‘14


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Bryson Taylor

Bryson Taylor has been spreading his love for trance music in the city of Atlanta for over a decade. He's played over 100 shows, some of which were alongside some of the world’s top DJs like Mark Sherry, Ronski Speed, Richard Durand, Darude, Kenneth Thomas, George Acosta, BT, and MiTis, just to name a few. Currently, Bryson Taylor holds a residency at Atlanta’s biggest EDM party "Iris Presents." He was also featured twice at 2016's Imagine Music Festival and was named "One of the Top 10 Acts to Follow After Imagine" by Raver Magazine. From fresh warm up beats, to in-your face slammers, Bryson Taylor is all over the board. By innovatively infusing trance roots with elements of commercialized EDM, he creates an energized, one-of-a-kind clubbing experience that anyone can enjoy. 

You can expect nothing but positive, radiating energy in Bryson Taylor’s showmanship. His stage presence invigorates the crowd due to his sheer love for the music. If you’re looking for something different then make sure you catch Bryson Taylor live!

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ATL and NOLA based Producer/DJ and all around musician. Pankake began playing guitar at age 14 and after 20 years of rock/blues influenced music found a love in house and techno. After moving to Atlanta in 2014, Pankake dug into the scene began cooking up beats for crowds at Alley Cat, The Music Room, Wildpitch, Odyssey After and the Beltline along with streaming spots like Echobreaker's own Spin & Chill.


Expect to sink your teeth into Tech House, Techno and House when you order up Pankake.


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Teriyaki Noize

Out of Atlanta's infamous Quad BASSment comes a duo that has been relentlessly pushing the underground sounds of house and mixing it with the grime of trap & dubstep since its inception in October of 2014. Thuc Van and Jurgen Malinao, collectively called Teriyaki Noize, combine the soul of house music with the tenacity of bass music to create a groove that'll have you crawling in your skin. With a strong support system not only in their homebase of Atlanta, the "Noize Boiz" set their eyes to sharing their vibe with the world and to unite everyone under one groove.

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Sets at Sunset Music Festival

Atlanta, Georgia